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The RE/MAX Model.

How RE/MAX changed the world of real estate.
All over the world, no brand is expanded as RE/MAX, opening more opportunities for you!

Dave Liniger realized that the high turnover of top producers is deadly to the office, and wished to find a different formula.


The best earners in the office. Their income potential is unlimited thanks to the split, so they are directly rewarded for their own level of performance. Therefore, their retention is much higher.


The next strata of producers. They are eager to enjoy the increased earning potential.


The RE/MAX model is not sustainable for this group. They either leave very quickly, or never join in the first place.

The RE/MAX office.

Agents are independent contractors.
they get a high split of their commissions with no base salary.

The mediocre agent cannot stay.
and probably will not even join, because they have no potential for sustained revenue.

Agents enjoy unlimited earning potential.
The best producing agents enjoy unlimited earning potential based on the merits.

The office recruits and sorts agents.
The office owner's job is to recruit more agents and see which ones can rise and become top producers.

Dave Liniger was able to create a true agent-centric office that rewards the best agents and provides them with incentives to stay, while limiting the exposure to mediocre agents.

This model, 45+ years later, provides a great service to office owners everywhere in the RE/MAX system.

BOs Testimonials.
Berndt Weckerle

"For my head, the business figures, the marketing and the expertise of the back office as well as RE/MAX's many years of experience in the implementability of the model were key. My gut was convinced by the good company climate, the general atmosphere, the company’s philosophy as well as the feedback from friends and acquaintances on RE/MAX."

Berndt Weckerle, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Weinstadt, at RE/MAX since 2003

Bianka Maier

"The brainstorming and the never-ending flow of information give me the security, the knowledge and thus also the crucial edge in the real estate market. For me, the biggest advantage of the RE/MAX network is the dialogue, the mutual support and the resulting innovative power of the brand. What I particularly value about RE/MAX is the interesting meetings, the discussions with the colleagues and the teamwork. We welcome each other’s success and despite the individuality of each colleague we value each individual as a person and we learn from each other."

Bianka Maier, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Eislingen, at RE/MAX since 2009

Dorothea Schneider

"After over 20 years of responsible work in a large private clinic, I sought to step into self-employment and to find a new professional profile. The extensive training opportunities (up to certified real estate manager), the security of a large network and the striking and strong marketing that RE/MAX offers me convinced me to make the move from the Lake Constance area to the Stuttgart region and to take over an estate agent’s. To me, RE/MAX means contact and communication with people who are important to me, but in the independence of self-employment."

Dorothea Schneider, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Nürtingen, at RE/MAX since 2011

Constanze and Hans-Peter Vögele

"Having been active in the real estate business as builders for 25 years, we decided in 2010 to optimise our sales and the used property business with RE/MAX and a well-trained team. For us as entrepreneurs through and through, the high level of awareness achieved by the RE/MAX brand is an important door-opener for many business relationships. The imaginative, concise marketing has an enormous and high recognition value that benefits our clients above all."

Constanze and Hans-Peter Vögele, Brokers/Owners
More than 37 years of experience in the RE/MAX real estate business in Tübingen.

Kryspina Münchschwander

"RE/MAX is a global brand. The offices and estate agents are globally connected with each other. For me as a franchisee, for our estate agents and for our clients, this brings a variety of benefits and major advantages. Well-trained estate agents, constant training thanks to the expertise of a global brand and strong orientation towards the wishes/goals of the clients lead to win-win situations for all involved in letting/sales and to high customer satisfaction. To me, RE/MAX means friendly – competent – fair!"

Kryspina Münchschwander, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Kaiserslautern, at RE/MAX since 2007

Stephan Friemel

The die was cast quickly in the search for a new challenge. The hot-air balloon as an unmistakable brand in the jungle of real estate brokering, the large network, the professional marketing and service standards and the solid training of the estate agents were the good arguments for the international RE/MAX network. Even in the first few weeks, we recognised the actual added value of RE/MAX. We successfully processed national and international joint business for our clients. We are in intensive dialogue with many colleagues in order to achieve "the best" for our clients. In line with the company philosophy "Real Estate Maximum" !

Stephan Friemel, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Cologne, at RE/MAX since 2011

Thomas Bilo

I have now been working in the sale of non-self-explanatory products for over 20 years. In my view, selling is 95% about personality! RE/MAX gives each estate agent the freedom to present their personality “outwardly” in optimal fashion and, with the well-known hot-air balloon as a brand, delivers the remaining 5% for a successful deal! I was aware of this from the start when I became an independent estate agent in 2004 and thus at that time I opted for my own RE/MAX office at the location in Hofheim! For over 14 years now I have been part of this successful, international brand and now my daughter even works at the company, which also fills me with pride!

Thomas Bilo, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX in Hofheim, at RE/MAX since 2004

Constanze and Hans-Peter Vögele

"Thanks to the well-known RE/MAX brand, we are receiving an increased amount of positive feedback from satisfied RE/MAX clients. In addition, recommendations are arising for further orders. The biggest advantage of the network is the joint business, in which all involved benefit from fast brokering. To us, RE/MAX means a secure future in the varied real estate sector."

Nicole and Thomas Nägele, Brokers/Owners "previously at the local cooperative bank in the property department"
RE/MAX in Waldshut-Tiengen, at RE/MAX since 2009

The office owner (BO) financial structure.

RE/MAX Broker Owners enjoy the structure that limits their fixed costs, thanks to Dave Liniger’s inverted pyramid. They do not have any salary costs for agents, no costs for inventory and very low costs for vendors. These items, which in other businesses create a huge burden on payroll and cashflow, serve as a great benefit for our new BOs.