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The Technology.

Regional Website.

On our homepage www.remax.de you will find your dream home and other useful Information. Find out what your property is worth (real estate valuation) Create a search request Easily search for a RE/MAX office near you (RE/MAX offices) Find a RE/MAX real estate broker in your area easily and conveniently (RE/MAX Broker) You are interested in a career in the real estate industry and would like to work for RE/MAX in Germany Act?

Global Website.

If you are a member of RE/MAX, you become part of a worldwide network. A network that has over 120,000 agents in more than 100 countries. On RE/MAX Global, your property can be found from anywhere. Take a look and show yourself: RE/MAX Global.

What Is OnOffice?

onOffice - your specialist for online real estate software.

onOffice is one with over 20,000 active users and over 5,000 customers Expert in online software for the entire real estate industry. With well-founded know-how, continuous development and a committed OnOffice convinces not only real estate agents but also banks, brokers and Networks and prefabricated house manufacturers.

Online Leads.

Online Real Estate Appraisal Tool. ... as a top customer service: The RE/MAX Online Real Estate Appraisal gives you the opportunity to own the property To rate customers without obligation and free of charge. You get on uncomplicated way Quickly get an initial assessment of the possible selling price for your customers. The RE/MAX Online real estate valuation supports you in the initiation of further in-depth Conversations with your customer. It underlines your professional approach, To offer your customer top services right from the start.

Video Training Portal.

RE/MAX germany offers you different types of training. special training - (real estate purchase, real estate sale, success factors, financing - courses, expertise - courses) 100 days on-boarding program. training - (real estate acquisition, corporate governance and control, intake, telephone, conclusion and question engineering, construction and organization a brokering company). and much more. for more info, you can find it.

Social Media Presence.

RE/MAX Germany can be found on Facebook, Instagram, XING, LinkedIn and youtube. Be it text, pictures or videos: we always inform you about office openings, franchise Contracts, best practices, events, general real estate topics, job postings and much more more. We are nationally and internationally with brokers / owners, brokers, colleagues and all other interested parties in constant exchange. The entire RE/MAX network uses as Main tool Facebook and is extremely active there.

Facebook: 32 million users in Germany / 2.32 billion users worldwide XING: More than 13 million users in Germany, 1 million users in Switzerland, 1 million users in Austria.