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The Education.

Model A.

4-day start-up training.

With this 4-day start-up training as a certified assistant you are well prepared to enter the real estate market, even as a career changer. The training "to the certified assistant RE/MAX" is passed after successful participation of the module A, as well as a test. In module A you will be introduced to the safe handling of entry into the real estate market as well as to the most important business processes. You will learn how you can easily master your daily office routine and concentrate fully on your path to success.

Model B.

Professional basic education.

With this professional basic education, which builds on module A, you get provides the entire RE/MAX know-how for successful service activities and are certified by the IHK. To achieve your certification "to RE/MAX real estate broker (IHK), After Module A, visit the continuation module "Module B". After successful Completion of this final exam at the IHK, you can achieve the certification "Real Estate Agent (IHK) RE/MAX".

100 Days Onboarding.

With our Intensification Courses you are through "Learning on the Job" - Always stay one step ahead of the competition. The 100 days training program provides you with step by step instructions which activities you have to do weekly. The weekly activities form the basis for making you concrete Achieve results. The key figures here are the number of new customer contacts and the number of completed ones Broker jobs. When the 100-day exercise program has expired, you will find that you have already developed routine. This will enable you to complete the remaining 9 months of additional brokerage orders, find buyers for the real estate and bring them to the notary.

Advanced Training.

Certified Real Estate Manager (WAF). Real Estate Agent (IHK) RE/MAX. They hold the title "Certified/r Real Estate Manager (WAF)" after successfully completing written and oral exam. Thus, you are well prepared for all technical questions.

Chamber of Commerce.

Our educational institution / GARP education center. The GARP Education Center acts as an ISO and AZAV certified education provider on behalf of RE/MAX Germany. As such, the company leads the Further education measure to the "real estate agent (IHK) RE/MAX".


Our claim is the highest quality in education, Services and appearance to professional service to ensure. We understand trust as Basis of our actions.

Training Locations:

RE/MAX Germany Headquarters

Kohlhammerstr. 6 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen.


Northern Germany

Celle or Hanover. The exact location will be decided individually, depending on the number of participants.